Saturday, September 6, 2008

So here's Europe. We actually have a lot more pictures (we'll include some of them later, so that you too can enjoy the living hot dog squirting him/herself with condiments), but this should do for now.

Bergamo, Italy
The Arch de Triomphe
Musee de Orsay

Prague's absurdly deep subway system
Sony Center, Berlin

Holocaust Memorial, BerlinCopenhagen


Petra said...

It looks like your shoes really got around.

ke said...

Words can hardly express how delighted I am to see you here. And the photos are beautiful. And I love you. ke

Annie said...

how rude of your feet to take such a cool vacation without you.

direfloyd said...

Nice KEENS!!! Since they've been everywhere else they just need to get out sailing again!

direfloyd said...

Without the cranky motorboater hopefully this time... =)

Robert B said...

I sincerely hope your blog title is a reference to the Kafka story. That one's my favorite.

So did you end up making it to Budapest?

Garth Aamodt D.C. said...

Cool shoes. But why did you let the background at times obscure a better view of the shoes? What were you thinking? Glad to see you're blogging. I am not but my kids are. Great way to stay in touch! Hope we see you soon. Amanda, how's your back?

Katherine said...

Were you ever afraid that someone would knock into your backpack and send you tumbling down the subway escalator tunnel to certain death? Because I was.

Also, the shoe thing. I like it.