Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Please vote

I need my friends to help me settle a debate I'm having about how I define myself politically. Please read through this quick list of my positions and vote on how you think I should introduce myself to others (left, center-left, center/moderate, center-right, right). Thank you!

Social issues:
-Gays should have equal rights as heterosexuals (govt. should offer civil unions for all people and stay out of marriage entirely, since marriage is a religious sacrament like unto baptism)
-drugs should be legal (esp. marijuana, although others could also be legalized with restrictions) and taxed
-abortion should be completely legal; waiting periods, ultra-sounds, or excessive regulations which are designed to dissuade or badger women into alternatives should be illegal. There is room, however, for reasonable regulation such as ensuring that women understand their options (as long as such does not entail obvious fear-mongering or pseudo-science).

-global warming exists and is man-made. Programs (like cap and trade) meant to stop global warming, however, are simply not worth the cost; they raise energy prices and hurt efficiency without actually stopping warming.
-government should invest significantly into basic science research, particularly in technology like fusion which may reduce the cost of clean energy below that of fossil fuels.
-organic foods are a scam.
-bio-fuels are merely an excuse for government giveaways and don't help the environment.
-"green jobs" are a boondoggle and a waste of tax-payer money. Solyndra is the most extreme example, but is a typical illustration of the waste that such subsidies represent.

-income-inequality is not intrinsically a problem.
-America's falling social mobility, however, is a major problem.
-market-capitalism, properly-regulated, is the best economic model.
-America's tax code is shamefully complex and inefficient.
-social security needs to be phased out and replaced with a means-tested alternative.

-the war in Iraq was the stupidest, most wasteful decision America has made since it invaded Vietnam.
-pre-emptive war is never justified, and will ensure that America is constantly at war and less safe because of it.
-the military is far too large.
-military benefits need to become more generous, but given to a FAR smaller force.

-God does not exist, at least in the versions He/She/It is understood by the world's major religions.
-there should be a separation between church and state.