Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sure, your next-door neighbour Austria was home to Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss, Schubert, and Freud, but don't forget, you make pretty good stuffed cabbage.

Robert pointed out that I neglected to include pictures of our trip to Budapest. Here's a picture of me.

We were only able to take a picture of the outside of our hostel because the pack of 4 batteries I bought only took 3 pictures total. By the time we could by some not-Hungarian batteries we had already checked out. In any case, we shared a one-bedroom private room for 15 euros a night; the bed was smaller than a twin but neither of us toss or turn at night so it was good enough.

Note to anyone planning on traveling to Hungary any time soon: beware the exchange rates. I made the mistake of exchanging some dollars for Hungarian money so that we could take the subway to our hostel, only the realize in hindsight that they gave me about half of what the money was actually worth. For whatever reason, it would have been cheaper for me to trade my dollars for euros and then my euros into forint than to just change dollars to forint. Luckily, we used our credit card for most of the expensive stuff (our anniversary dinner, the hostel bill) and Wells Fargo gave us the standard exchange rate, only taking a 3% cut.

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Katherine said...

I was thinking, hey! that looks just like the hostel I stayed at in Budapest. Then I remembered that all of Budapest looks like that.